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Adding H264/MP4/Quicktime support to DivX Connected

Some time ago, Kamiwa wrote an excellent, if rather technical, blog post showing how to add support for a range of additional video formats to the DivX Connected set-top box, which was quickly followed by the All-In-One pack for implementing many of these changes.

So, picking up where he left off, we’ve added support for a range of additional MP4 video formats and resolved some audio sync issues.

Making the update

Before you start, you’ll need to exit the DivX Connected server application, then download and install all of the following software:

  1. DivX Connected Server 1.5.1
  2. DivX Plus Coded Pack
  3. ffdshow tryouts (32-bit)
  4. Matroska Splitter

Next, download the updated configuration files and extract the contents to a memorable location, e.g. your Desktop:

Once extracted:

  1. Double click both the ffdshow_audio.reg and ffdshow_video.reg files and press Yes/OK when prompted (these are the same as Kamiwa’s original All-In-One pack)
  2. Copy DCDShowPlaybackPlugin.config to the DivX Connected program folder
    • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Connected\Bin\DivX Connected
    • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\DivX\DivX Connected\Bin\DivX Connected
  3. Restart the DivX Connected server software
  4. Play your MP4s

That’s it!

Fast forward & rewind

If you find that you’re unable to fast forward or rewind non-DivX videos, don’t panic! Simply tap the up and down arrows on your remote control to skip forward/backward through the video, or use the number keys to jump to a virtual chapter.

Audio Sync

We’ve had reports of some users experiencing occasional audio sync issues during H.264 video playback (MP4 and MKV files).

If you find that these issues cannot be resolved by stopping and restarting the video, or skipping back to the start by pressing the 0 (zero) button, we’ve prepared an alternative configuration file that switches H.264 decoding from DivX Plus to ffdshow:

If you would prefer to make the changes manually, open DCDShowPlaybackPlugin.config and comment out (or remove) the <decoder> block immediately after “DivX H.264 Decoder : DivX supplied” and restart DivX Connected.

BBC iPlayer for DivX Connected now open source!

BBC iPlayer

We’re pleased to announce that our unofficial BBC iPlayer plugin for DivX Connected is now open source and available on GitHub at

The plugin’s built using a mixture of MXML and JavaScript, so even if you don’t have a DivX Connected set top box, it could be a useful starting point for anyone looking to build an unofficial BBC iPlayer of their own.



DivX Connected Plug-ins

If you’ve got a DivX Connected set-top box, don’t forget that you can download all of our fantastic plug-ins from the DivX Labs website:

More content added to BBC iPlayer plug-in for DivX Connected

BBC iPlayer
Loads of new feeds have been added to the BBC iPlayer plug-in for DivX Connected, meaning you can  now choose from TV Highlights, Most Popular programmes, a wide range of genres and a selection of regional programming, together with content from all major BBC television channels.

If you are already using the plug-in, simply select BBC iPlayer from the Plug-ins menu on your set top box to enjoy the new features, otherwise click on the link below to get started.

Download BBC iPlayer plug-in from the DivX Connected plug-in library
Take a look at the DivX Connected set-top box

BBC iPlayer plug-in for DivX Connected

BBC iPlayer
Our unofficial BBC iPlayer plug-in is now available to download from the DivX Connected plug-in library!

The plug-in allows you to select and watch programmes from a wide range of feeds, including content from all major BBC television channels.

Programmes play fullscreen, but due to the way the BBC’s big screen playback page is offset from the left, you will need to manually centre the picture using the right arrow button on your remote control.

It is not currently possible to view items which require age verification.

Existing users will upgraded automatically as new versions become available.

Download BBC iPlayer plug-in from the DivX Connected plug-in library
Take a look at the DivX Connected set-top box

ConnectedVNC adds audio!

ConnectedVNC in use

The ConnectedVNC plug-in for DivX Connected now includes ConCast, so you can hear your PC too!

By installing a SHOUTcast or Icecast server alongside DivX Connected, you can now listen to your PC while using it remotely on your TV, enabling you to enjoy applications like Spotify and iTunes from the comfort of your sofa!

Existing users will need to download the latest plug-in to upgrade.

For more information about streaming audio from your PC to your set-top box, please refer to the the ConCast plug-in page.

Please note: audio is optional and some users may experience a 1-2 second audio lag.

Download ConnectedVNC from DivX Connected plug-in library
Take a look at the DivX Connected set-top box

ConCast plug-in for DivX Connected

What is it?

ConCast is a SHOUTcast, Icecast and Podcast player for DivX Connected, capable of playing most AAC and MP3 streams.

Originally an experiment in adding audio to ConnectedVNC, the ConCast plug-in is primarily designed to enable users to stream sound from their PC to their set-top box using one of the many free SHOUTcast/Icecast servers, for example if you want to listen to Spotify or iTunes on your TV.

To stream audio from your PC

One of the easiest ways to listen to audio from your PC using ConCast is to set your default recording device to Stereo Mix, which you’ll need to enable if you’re using Windows 7 or Vista, and install edcast (to encode the sound) and Icecast2 (to broadcast it).

There are plenty of online tutorials showing how to setup edcast and Icecast2, and more ConCast specific information will be posted here soon.

Download & find out more

Filters and Radio Mode added to UK Radio Streamer for DivX Connected

With a growing selection of radio stations available via the UK Radio Streamer, you can now filter by name using the number buttons of your DivX Connected remote control.

There’s also a new Radio Mode available via the DELETE button for anyone wanting background music without the glow of their TV.

New features will be added automatically for existing users, so there’s no need to manually upgrade or re-install the plug-in.

Don’t have the UK Radio Streamer?

Filters and Radio Mode added to UK Radio Player for DivX Connected