ConnectedVNC now available for DivX Connected

ConnectedVNC is a free VNC client that allows you to control your Windows PC from your television using your DivX Connected set-top-box.

What’s it for?

ConnectedVNC allows you use your PC from your TV, so you can do things like check your email and browse the web without having to leave the comfort of your arm chair.


To use the ConnectedVNC plug-in, you need to install a VNC server on the same PC as the DivX Connected server software; we recommend UltraVNC.

Once installed, open Admin Properties by right-clicking on the system tray icon, create a password (middle-left), tick the box next to “Allow Loopback Connections” (top-left) and click OK.

That’s it! You’re ready to use ConnectedVNC.

Getting Started

To use ConnectedVNC, simply navigate to the Plug-ins menu, or press the orange button on your remote control, and select ConnectedVNC.

On the first screen, highlight the password box and press ENTER on your remote control to bring up the on-screen keyboard and enter your password, then navigate to DONE and press enter. Now, simply press down on your remote control to highlight the Login button and press ENTER.

If you have entered the correct password, the desktop of your PC should appear.

Remote Control

  • ARROWS = Move the mouse up/down/left/right
  • ENTER = Left mouse click
  • MENU = Right mouse click
  • PAGE UP/DOWN = Scroll up/down
  • DELETE = Backspace key
  • NUMBERS = Number keys (0-9)

For additional keyboard input, we recommend using Windows’ on-screen keyboard:

Error Messages

After you click the Login button, you might see a “Connection Error” or “Invalid Password” error; a connection error usually occurs because the VNC server is not running or is being blocked by a firewall.

Either way, simply press BACK to try again.

Download & Find Out More

ConnectedVNC contains code from the FVNC project.