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Can we predict the #GE2017 vote share using social media?

When a snap general election was called in the United Kingdom on 18 April 2017, the inquisitive minds here at Mesmotronic asked themselves: can we predict the #GE2017 vote share using social media?

With regular polls not proving to be particularly accurate during the 2015 general election Brexit referendum, we decided to put it to the test.

Find out more here.

Make your full screen Android apps even fuller screen with the latest update to our Adobe AIR ANE

The first release of our true full screen ANE ( brought non-interactive true full screen to Adobe AIR apps for Android. Now, we’ve taken things one step further and enabled true, interactive full screen on Android 4.4+ using immersive mode.

Required Adobe AIR 4+.

How does it work?

This ANE enables developers to offer users a true full screen experience in the Adobe AIR apps for Android.

Using Android 4.0+, you can use true full screen in “lean mode”, the way you see in apps like YouTube, expanding the app right to the edges of the screen, hiding the status and navigation bars until the user next interacts. This is ideally suited to video or cut-scene content.

In Android 4.4+, however, you can now enter true full screen, fully interactive immersive mode. In this mode, your app will remain in true full screen until you choose otherwise; users can swipe down from the top of the screen to temporarily display the system UI.

Code example

Using the ANE in your app couldn’t be easier:

import com.mesmotronic.ane.AndroidFullScreen;

AndroidFullScreen.immersiveMode(); // *
AndroidFullScreen.immersiveMode(false); // *

// * = Android 4.4+ only

Most of the new methods are self explanatory, with the new immersiveMode() method used to enter interactive true full screen mode permanently using so-called “sticky” mode and immersiveMode(false) entering true full screen until the user swipes down from the top to show the system UI.


Click here to download the latest release from GitHub

Open source

This source code for this project has been made available on GitHub, under the BSD license.

UK Radio Streamer for Mobile

Introducing the UK Radio Streamer for Mobile

The UK Radio Streamer for Mobile is an experimental, web-based application that enables you to listen to a wide range of British radio stations on any mobile phone that support Flash Player 9 or above, including almost all Android and Maemo devices; radio stations include Absolute, Capital, Heart, Kiss and Magic to name but a few.

To start listening, point your mobile browser at, which will take you to

Until Flash Player 10.1 is finally released in the wild, touch functionality is fairly limited, so you’ll need to use your mobile’s arrow buttons to scroll for now.

Can’t find your favourite station?

If your favourite station isn’t listed, and it’s available online as an an MP3 or AAC/AAC+ stream, let us know by adding a comment to this post and we’ll see what we can do!

Wherever possible, please post the URL of the feed itself, rather than a link to a website or M3U/PLS playlist.